Jonna Sanderson

Non-registered Assistant

After devoting 6 years to the Social Service industry, I landed at Wealth Management Group. My passion for helping others steered me to an office where I can interact with the clients and the advisors on a daily basis and help make someone’s day a little bit easier. I enjoy life every day with my husband Darin and my daughters Kay and Jaycie. I root for the Oklahoma State Cowboy’s, and those down the road in Dallas (mostly because they employ former O State Cowboys, (I just can’t help but stay Loyal and True). I haven’t decided if I am done learning yet, so I contemplate going back to school once I get one of my kids out of college. I love all things sports but baseball is my favorite. Whether catching a high school game of my nephews or an OSU game at Allie P, the park is my happy place. I don’t have any regrets but I do have an unfulfilled wish. I wish I could have had a boy in my bunch. I love my girls but I think I was meant to have a boy and missed out a little. My husband and I are at that time in our lives where we are getting our daughters through college and hopefully looking to enjoy some time for ourselves. We look to enjoy a new phase of our lives. It will be different but exciting to say the least.